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Metal Fabrication & Stainless Steel in Newark, Texas

Welder, Metal Fabrication in Newark, TX

Get custom metal fabrication for stainless steel products from Elite Metal Fabricators Inc. in Newark, Texas. Our company supplies you with quality service for your manufacturing and installation needs.

Production in Every Industry

With more than 55 years of combined experience, we are able to do anything possible with metal in aluminum manufacturing. You obtain custom metal work from our shop, which serves the auto, aircraft, pharmaceutical, and gas and oil industries.


Your hospital, university, plastic manufacturing company, or food processing plant is also support by this customized assistance.

Geared towards Your Business

The help we offer is trade specific, guaranteed. Program managers supervise every aspect of your project, including manufacturing, transference, and installation. You will return to attain additional services from us knowing that you receive the greatest value.

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